Privacy Policy

mel&me Jewellery values your rights and takes action to protect your personal and financial information. We only collect information to enable you to place an order, purchase a gift voucher or register for our newsletter. Under no circumstances will your personal information be sold or shared with third parties.

Our website may collect information via the use of cookies when you access or download information from our web site. This information is typically limited to your server address, domain name, time of your visit and information you viewed or downloaded. You can disable any website accessing this information by disabling cookies on your browser, although this may limit your ability to view certain websites.

mel&me Jewellery will not send you any unwanted correspondence and will only send you emails to inform you of the progress of any orders or product information as part of our newsletter service. If you do not want to receive the newsletters, you can click on the link at the bottom of the newsletter to unsubscribe.

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